Glenys Llewela Griffiths (née Bowen) 

Glenys was born and educated in South Wales.  Her father, Ivor Bowen, was a self taught artist who painted from a very early age on acquired old ledger covers with a few oil paints. He earned a little money to buy these by helping the milkman on his daily deliveries by horsedrawn cart.

When Ivor returned from the trenches in 1918 he met and married a nurse, Anne, whom he met when playing in tennis tournaments at the hospital where she was assistant matron. He had been an unbeaten champion at the game during his training for the army. Glenys and her brother inherited his good co-ordination  and eye-for–the ball. Glenys still plays squash today, still winning veterans trophies, placed alongside those of her children, who she also introduced to the sport at a young age. Yoga, meditation and walking keep Glenys active all year round.

In 1953 Glenys moved to London from South Wales, at the age of nineteen and began training as a nurse at St Bartholomew’s Hospital in London and then as a midwife at Guys Hospital in London.  Her brother, Trefor was training as a doctor at Kings College Hospital. Sadly, he died at the age of 42yrs but a unit was named after him at Queen Mary’s Hospital, Carshalton where he had done innovative work for children suffering spina bifida. This has since become the Medical Engineering Resource Unit at Queen Mary's.

In the early 1970's, while raising a young family in South London as a G.P.s wife she had a life-changing chance encounter with a psychic friend who exclaimed in amazement, “ You have a tremendous artistic ability that is being crushed!” Although Glenys had spent much time drawing and painting as a child she had never been encouraged to pursue it, and a busy life as nurse and mother had prevented her from following up with her early passion. However soon after this encounter she bought herself some paints and canvas. As there was little time to spare for hobbies she started painting every morning at six am before the family awoke. Her teenage children's friends marvelled at the interior murals that began to appear around the family home!
When her children left school she went back to full employment as a nurse achieving a senior position at the top of her field, while gaining a B.Sc.(Honours) degree; so little time again for painting.  Despite this she created cartoon posters that were published and displayed in hospitals nationwide in an effort to encourage better handwashing  and so reduce the incidence of hospital acquired infection.  She contributed chapters to four text books on Infection control and published articles in nursing and medical journals.

Since retiring from nursing in 1994 Glenys has painted full-time; watercolours, silk painting, cartoons and posters, childrens book illustrations and murals.  Most recently her painting on fabric has become very popular with quilters.  She now has a programme of workshops for quilters who want to create their own painted images to incorporate in their quilts. She has illustrated a childrens book in a joint project with Stevie Reeve; a book of poems for young children. Poem Book Two is already in development.

Now living in the peaceful and picturesque village of Ewhurst Green in East Sussex, Glenys enjoys the freedom to explore, paint and record the beauty of nature surrounding her.


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The Arts, Sports and Computers/Math run deep in the family veins!

* Glenys's daughter (Jamie (née Lynne) Griffiths) is a film director and show designer for the stage as well as hosting an art gallery at her working studio in Vancouver, Canada :

* Glenys's nephew (Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen) is a well known designer and TV presenter:

* To make a donation to MERU (Medical Engineering Resource Unit) co-founded by Trefor Llewellyn Bowen, please click here.

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