Original Watercolors, Reproduction Prints and Greetings Cards are available of the images, only some of which are shown in this online gallery. New works are available at Glenys' watercolor exhibitions. For exhibition dates coming up and a list of gallery retailers, please visit the sales tab, to the far right.

Watercolor Butterflies, Birds and Flowers. Big Cats.

    1.  Barn Owl
    2. Swallowtail
    3. Monarch
    4. Blue Tit
    5. Nuthatch
    6. Wren
    7. Raven
    8. Purple Emperor
    9. Small Tortoiseshell
    10. Comma
    11. Peacock Butterfly
    12 Painted Lady
    13. Red Admiral
    14. Camberwell Beauty
    15. Fuchsia
    16. Pheasant in field
    17. Kingfishers

"The delicate colours and tones of the butterflies and the flowers are a challenging subject, best suited to watercolours on paper. I paint the butterflies in their natural habitat and on their caterpillar food plants, keeping the scale at life-size. The favourite habitats of stinging nettles, thistles and brambles have faced devastating attacks from intensive agricultural methods and pollution,  but it is hoped that organic farming and even global warming will allow butterflies to flourish again. Buddleia and Sedum in the garden are also natural habitats for several species of butterfly. It is good to see that some garden centres are encouraging people to plant more of these in their gardens." Glenys Griffiths


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